Hi there! I'm The Announcer for a fun new family game! It's called Super Smash Bros! (That sounds nice. How do we play?) Well, first I'm going to warp you into a world of hate and war where you'll assault everyone you have ever known and loved before. (I don't thin I wanna do that.) Oh, come on, it'll be a bash; now grab all your little friends, because it's time for us to motherfucking SMASH!
~ The Announcer to Luigi.

The Announcer is the main antagonist of the music video, "SMASH!". He tries to convince all the Nintendo characters to fight.


The Announcer is shown to be sadistic, heartless, ignominious, and contemptible, making the Nintendo characters fight. He is also very eloquent, persuasive, sympathetic, and impactful, being able to convince most of the Smashers to fight, even eventually convincing the pacifistic Luigi to join in (which he would regret).


The Announcer is a Caucasian human with brown hair. His hair is in a mullet with the front part being a zigzag shape. He wears dark sunglasses that cover his most of the time, only taking them off when Luigi becomes evil. He wears a purple jacket, pants, and shoes. He also has a large butterfly-shaped bowtie. He is also seen to constantly hold his microphone.

Powers and Abilities

While he as no shown magical abilities or super powers, he is extremely charismatic and persuasive. He is also a very good singer.



  • He was voiced by the Internet celebrity actor, Mark Fishbach, better known as Markiplier.