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The Amoeba .


The Amoeba is an attention seeker. She loves to go to parties. When she joined the TWF she hoped to be the main event of it however she tells her fellow Sinistras that she only hopes to defeat her good opponents. The Ameoba only fought once, against Evil Ira, a Dextera at the time. Despite Ira being taunted by an identical stranger, and the Ameoba nearly pinning him twice, as well as using her shrink to get inside him (see picture above) and "rearrange a few things" (the Amoeba said "Definitely ugly on the inside"), Ira hypnotised her to defeat.

Special Attack

The Amoeba can shrink herself to the size of a amoeba hense her name. She uses this move to not only sneak into parties but also protect herself and to take down her opponents from the inside.