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A magican who only appered in the CatDog episode CatDog Divided. He cut CatDog in half during his trick. He's also one of Rancid Rabbit's rivals. Ray has an alto-ego named The Amazing Faye.


After sawing CatDog in half, he got arrested for practicing magic without a license (and wearing a really bad toupee). He then escapes by vanishing like magic. In Farburg, he disguised himself as Fay, CatDog then found him and threatens to put them back together, then he did so (or they thinks he did).

Physical Appearance

Ray is mustachoid and has brown fur and black hair (a toupee). He wear a black suit, white shirt, black pants, red towtie and purple shoes.


  • Ray is one of Rancid Rabbit's rivals (the other one being Rotten Rabbit).
  • His voice is a parody to actor Don Adams.
  • He is based on one of the show's crew member Ray Pointer. He considers it to be an insult.

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