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 The Albino Brodo Asogians would've been the main antagonists of the abandoned sequel for E. T.: The Extraterrestrial, E. T. II: Nocturnal Fears.

Role in Nocturnal Fears

They arrive to Earth a few days after E. T. left. They look exactly like E. T., but they have albinism. They were known to despise their brown-skinned counterparts, and chased E. T. to Earth. It was also revealed that E. T.'s true name was Zrek. They amuse themselves by killing woodland animals and ate meat. When searching for Zrek, they find Elliot and the others and take them upon their ship since they figured they knew something about Zrek/E. T. They later tried to torture them to get information out of them, with Elliot getting the worst of it. E. T. later unexpectantly returns to Earth and sends the evil albino aliens back into space before he himself returns back to space.


  • Stephen Spielberg and his colleagues discussed the idea of the movie after the first film's success at the box office. The result was a sequel darker than the original. As a result, the idea for Nocturnal Fears was scrapped. Spielberg stated that the sequel would've robbed the original of it's virginity.