The Abomination is the Predalien that appears in Alien vs. Predator (2010). He was born in BG-386 during a battle between the Xenomorphs, Predators, and marines.


During the battle in BG-386, a Xenomorph Warrior, Specimen Six, encountered an Elite Predator and was instructed by the Xenomorph Queen, called The Matriarch, to weaken him. After a vicious battle Six appeared to be subdued, but then impaled the Elite with her tail. He lied helpless on the ground as Six removed his mask and allowed a Facehugger to latch onto his face and implant an embryo in him. The embryo burst out and killed the Elite. However, the Matriarch was killed by the Rookie and the Xenomorphs went into shock, though Six would become the new queen. The Predalien appeared to survive the shock, however.

The Predalien killed off the human colonists, but was driven away by two marines. As they commented on the creature, another Elite, Dark, came and killed them. Dark had been assigned to kill the Abominatrion, who the Predator's saw as an insult to their species. Dark spotted the Predalien who roared at him and left before Dark could attack.

Dark and the Abomination would have one final confrontation inside the atrium, flooded with lava. Dark had failed at killing The Matriarch, who was killed by the Rookie, so he know decided to kill the Abomination. They struggled in the lava-filled atrium. The Abomination's superior strength made him an extraordinary adversary, but in the end Dark defeated him and carried his body to the top of the pyramid and thre him off, ending his existence.