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One of the alleged images of The .GIF

The .GIF is the titular entity of the creepypasta of the same name. It is a strange smiley face-esque .GIF image that, when clicked, triggered a horrifying effect.


The .GIF came on March 12, 2007 as a result of an anonymous user posting an unusual image on the /b/ board of 4chan. It was called "IM_HAPPY.GIF" and appeared to be a crude smiley face composed of a yellow circle and realistic sketches of human eyes and a mouth. When it was clicked on, the .GIF would suddenly animate, becoming angrier in appearance before letting out a horrific scream (noted to be "loud enough to burst eardrums").

As if this were not bad enough, the .GIF would then suddenly bombard the user's computer with horrific images, ranging from mutilated bodies to animals being tortured, in quick succession. This would go on for about five minutes before it would display the phrase "Have nice day". Following this, the user's computer would immediately shut down and cease functioning, as if ruined by a virus.

For reasons not known, those who had the misfortune of clicking on the .GIF were later found dead in their homes. Their bodies were gruesomely mutilated and accompanied by a smiley face painted in blood on the floor. moot, the founder of 4chan, would deny any connection between the murders and the .GIF's very existence. Allegedly, it still resides in the archives, but any attempts to access it result in an immediate banning.


It appears that the .GIF is a curse bearer of sorts, as those who click on it lose the ability to operate their computers and are later found graphically murdered. It is unknown as to how the .GIF accomplishes this, but it could likely be the actions of the anonymous poster. In any case, the .GIF is presented as a horrific entity lurking in the 4chan archives, possibly still capable of spreading its effects to others.


  • The .GIF appears to be somewhat influenced in design by the Klasky Csupo logo. Both feature a circle adorned with a human set of eyes and mouth. And coincidentally, the Klasky Csupo logo has also been an early source of nightmare fuel for some people.
  • As with many creepypastas, MrCreepyPasta has narrated "The .GIF". However, his narration became infamous as it included a screamer at the very end of the video to highlight the .GIF's horrific effect.

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