Birth of a Nation
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NOTE: It is important to note why they are called "coloreds" and not "n***ers." Because black people were not the only villains of the movie (though idiots would have you believe otherwise). Non-whites in general are seen as threatening white women's purity.

The non-white races called the "Coloreds" in a xenophobic context, are the main villains of the 1915 highly racist DW Griffith silent film The Birth of a Nation (originally called "The Clansman") based on the novel and play The Clansman both written by Thomas Dixon Jr.

Another note, a result of serious misinfo, is that the Confederacy was not in any way glorified in this movie. While the Civil War was mentioned, it should be noted that this was more about glorifying a system of deceit within the South (which also existed in the Midwest), not about the Confederacy. Remember, unlike the North, the South and Great Plains were crippled by poverty, and this drove jealous Southern Caucasians (who had less than some of the more well-to-do non-whites) to do some pretty shady and underhanded things.