Ask That Guy (also spelled and called "AskThatGuy").

That Guy with the Glasses is the main character in the Channel Awesome web series Ask that Guy with the Glasses. He gives disturbing, random, insulting, or just plain psychotic answers to equally strange questions that a narrator reads to him. That Guy acts sophisticated and is often seen reading a book (which is actually porno) or drinking wine in an expensive-looking bar, but is actually a sadistic, perverted serial killer. His answers often reflect upon crimes he has commited or sick fantasies that he has. It is rare that any of this is actually shown, but one episode shows him walking to someone's house with a gun and shooting them.  This is Ma-Ti, who That Guy  then proceeds at attempted rape, but Ma-Ti turns the tables. He is also a thief, as he stole a tv remote from someone, and stole 3D glasses from a cinema. In an April Fools video, he was replaced by the Nostalgia Critic (who was disturbed by the questions he was given), while he replaced Chester A. Bum in an episode of Bum Reviews.

In the final episode of the series, he exploded after he was asked if he had a question. Chester A. Bum then confirmed that he was truly dead and that the site had been renamed to Channel Awesome.

Despite being dead, That Guy made a return appearance in the Nostalgia Critic's "review" of Jurassic World, explaining why the film was being reviewed despite still being in theatres (due to Hollywood taking down a number of the Critic's reviews, paticularly his reviews on the other Jurassic Park films) alongside Mr. Puppy the Puppy.