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Thailog is a major villain in the animated series, Gargoyles and was one of many clones created to act as a sort of mirror-image of the Manhattan Clan, Thailog was their leader and a dark counterpart to Goliath (widely regarded as the main protagonist of the series).

Thailog greatly resembles Goliath save for having darker skin, white hair and red eyes - a result of mutation caused by his accelerated age, though physical similarities are about as far as things go for the two as Thailog is considered one of the more genuinely malevolent foes the gargoyles have faced and at times actually seems to take pride in his evil reputation.

Thailog is one of the most thoroughly malevolent of the Manhattan Clan's adversaries. Thoroughly cunning, persuasive, and duplicitous, he will happily betray anybody for his own benefit, and is ever ready to enrich himself at others' expense. He also seems to have something of an Oedipus complex, both in his attempts to kill his "fathers", especially Goliath, and in his choice for mates (first Demona, who was Goliath's past mate, and then Delilah, a genetic amalgamation of Demona and Elisa). He is a skilled trickster, rivaling Xanatos in his wiliness.

Even though Thailog is a sociopath, he is not insane or irrational as he even seems to be aware that he is evil - and is proud of it. Despite this, Thailog is often polite and can be charming to women, though this was to mask his true intentions, making him kind of a womanizer.



  • Thailog is a slight variation of "Goliath" spelt backwards - according to the creators they once heard Goliath played backwards and liked the sound, inspiring them to create a sort of reverse-character.
  • Thailog appeared to have a type of Oedipus Complex, wishing to kill his "fathers" (Xanatos and Goliath) while also picking Demona as his original mate and his creation of Delilah.
  • Greg Weisman later parodied his own creation in an episode of Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command  when Zurg cloned Buzz, creating a conniving pint-sized evil-doer named Zzub, who mocked Zurg for just spelling the hero's name backwards.

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