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Thaddius is the last boss of the Construct Quarter in Naxxramas, he is a powerful undead monster known as a Flesh-Titan and is a particularly horrible being said to be built from the flesh of women and children, whose souls are now said to be fused together in an eternal prison of flesh. Thaddius, a flesh prison of the many souls of slain women and children. He is being forced to obey the scourge. While is the Construct Quarter, you can hear strange random sounds that seem to stick out from Naxx backround music. Phase 1 includes the killing of the 2 adds, Feugen and Stalagg. Neither of the adds hit all the hard, the only quarky mechanic of this portion of the fight is the tank “swap”, for lack of a better word. You’ll want to start by splitting your raid into 2 groups of 5. Generally, you should put casters in a group for Stalagg and melee in a group for Fuegen, this is simply so they avoid pushback via the static field ability that Fuegen casts.

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