Move it! Move it! Move it!
~ Harris' catch phrase

Thaddeus Harris was an antagonist in the Police Academy series of films.

He was portrayed by G.W. Bailey.

By the time of the first film, Harris held the rank of Lieutenant and worked as a training officer at the police academy under Commandant Eric Lassard. Harris strongly disagreed with the new city policy changing admission standards to the police academy, and actively worked to force the first class of recruits admitted under the new policies to drop out. However despite all his efforts, this first class was one of the most successful, and played a key role in defusing a riot that had broken out in the city.

Sometime between the first and fourth films Harris was promoted to the rank of Captain and placed in command of his own precinct.

Harris next appeared in the fourth film when Lassard went to a law enforcement conference in London, and Harris was placed in charge of the police academy while Lassard was out of town. Harris was opposed to the idea of Lassard's Citizens on Patrol (COP) community outreach initiative, and decided to make the lives of the first COP class as difficult as he could. For their parts, the academy alumnus were less than thrilled about having Harris around again.

Returning to the academy as a training officer, he broke in to Chief Hurst's office to dig up dirt on Lassard. He located files that indicated that Lassard had reached mandatory retirement age and made sure those files were sent to the personnel division, which then ordered Lassard to retire. Harris, however, was disappointed when the chief and governor overruled the personnel board and allowed Lassard to continue working as commandant of the police academy.

Harris was also afraid of heights like when he and Proctor were window washers for a high rise office tower. Harris enjoys tormenting orders such as the teenagers who were skateboarding in the mall. Harris always badly treated his colleagues and he is willing to do whatever it takes it achieve success.

Harris even worked with Proctor in the fourth, fifth, and sixth film and the animated series.