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Thaddeus Bradley is the main antagonist of the 2013 movie Now You See Me and a an anti-hero in its 2016 sequel; Now You See Me 2

He was portrayed by Morgan Freeman who also played The Boss in Lucky Number Slevin, Sloan in Wanted, the United States Speaker of the House Allan Trumbull in Olympus has Fallen and London has Fallen, and Lucius Fox in Nolan's Batman: The Dark Knight trilogy.


Thaddeus was the best friend and partner to famous magician Lionel Shrike. The duo had an act that they would play the part of rivals, with Thaddeus the washed-up magician who exposed Lionel's secrets. At one point, the act worked so well that Lionel was discredited as a magician. To regain his standing, he attempted a trick where he would escape a safe submerged in water. Though Thaddeus publicly goaded him to do it, (it is implied) he personally tried to talk Shrike out of it.

Eventually the night of the trick came, and Thaddeus played his part, claiming there was no way Shrike could do it. After a talk with his son Dylan, who also did not want his father to do it, Shrike attempted the trick. However, the safe was faulty and Shrike could not escape.

As the rescue team dove to retrieve the body, Thaddeus saw Dylan's distraught face, and became so overwhelmed with guilt that he actually started to professionally reveal the secrets behind other magicians' tricks.

Now You See Me

By the time of the film, Thaddeus has become infamous in his work of discrediting other magicians.

Vegas Trick

Thaddeus is first seen at The Four Horsemen's first show, using a camera to record the show. He is approached by an employee who tells him he cannot film, and takes his camera. After the employee has left, he takes out another hidden camera and films the show. During the show, the Horsemen seemingly rob a bank in Paris by teleporting a random audience member to the vault.

Approached by Dylan Rhodes

After the show, it is revealed that the bank actually was robbed. Though there is not enough evidence for the police to do more than question the Horsemen, FBI Agent Dylan Rhodes is certain they are guilty, and along with Interpol Agent Alma Dray, approaches Thaddeus for help.

Bradley then explains his deduction of the trick to the agents, revealing that the "random" audience member was chosen beforehand, and that he was "teleported" to an exact replica of the vault underneath the stage. As for the money, he theorizes the Horsemen stole it when it arrived at the bank, replacing it with counterfeit money printed on flash paper; while the real money was taken to Vegas for the trick, the counterfeit money was burned.

The Video and The Plan

Later, Bradley is seen filming a video, in which he tackles about the mystery of the Horsemen. While in the set, he is approached by Arthur Tressler - the film's secondary antagonist - who starts a conversation with him which later becomes a short argument. Bradley then later approaches the Horsemen in their lounge just before their performance starts and tries to outwit them, but is outwitted by the Horsemen themselves, which causes him to leave the lounge in humiliation.


Later, he becomes part of the Horsemen's audience in their performance and witnesses how Tressler and humiliated by the Horsemen. He then later boastfully approaches a mourning Tressler in a bar, who offers him an offer to humiliate and expose the Horsemen for a large sum of money, which he gladly accepts.

In the end, the horseman pull off a successful robbery, during which they disappear and cause the money to appear in Bradley's van, framing him.

In prison, Dylan approaches him and reveals that he is in fact the mastermind behind the whole thing, which Bradley is abe to figure out right before he reveals himself. However, the one question Bradley can't answer is WHY Dylan did it, though Dylan leaves without telling him.

Now You See Me 2

18 months after his arrest, Bradley is shown living in luxury in prison, but later he's free because he escape, presumed that he want to get revenge, but instead he decide to help the heroes, and he was captured by the police but he was hiding the key in his mouth, when he free himself it assume that he escape at the same time then the four Horsemen before the cops capture them and jail them all, he finally revealed the truth to Dylan that he was his father partner and friend like it was in their picture when they we're both young and he didn't know that their show will go that bad, but Dylan then forgave him and Thaddeus decide to make him his heir.



Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus Bradley