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Tex Hex
Tex Hex (voiced by Charlie Adler) is the main antagonist of the Bravestarr series and Bravestarr's archenemy. He is the leader of Stampede's gang.

"Well now. Thems some right pretty speeches y'all been making. But you're wasting your breath talking about lawmen. Cause for now on, I'm the law around here!" -Tex Hex


Originally a good man, Tex Hex was corrupted by the promise of wealth that the Kerium rush promised, driving away the woman he loved. Stampede himself used this corruption and used it to make Tex into his enforcer and gave Tex his magic powers, including the abilities to shoot energy bolts, destroy mountains, transformations and summoning creatures called fire snakes. The capacity for good still resides in him, as he allows a shipment of specially treated Kerium to be transported offworld to help treat children with visual disabilities. Bravestarr speculates if there might be hope for Tex Hex to redeem himself. Tex Hex was originally envisioned as a Henchman of Prime Evil from another Filmation series: Filmation's Ghostbusters. His outfit is similar to the "Retro Futuristic" look all of Prime Evil's flunkies. But the desin was never used in the show, being retained for use a a main heavy for Bravestarr.

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