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Church, what is this?
~ Carolina
He kept trying... He kept trying to get her right.
~ Epsilon

The Tex Drones are an army of black armored robotic soldiers resembling Freelancer agent Texas in terms of combat skill, speech, and mannerisms. The drones were created by the former Director of Project Freelancer, in another attempt to recreate his deceased lover Allison. Each drone was programmed by a newly created version of the original Beta A.I.; each of which being unaware of their full identity and past.



Carolina confronted by the Tex drones

After the shut down of Project Freelancer, The Director went into hiding and continued to attempt to recreate Tex. When Epsilon and Carolina arrive at The Director's secret location at the Freelancer Offsite Storage Facillity, they encounter and confront an army of robotic Tex drones. Carolina begins to fight the drones but is overwhelmed. She is soon rescued by the Reds and Blues and they all begin to fight the drones together.


Epsilon speaks to Tex one last time

Although the group lay waste to a majority of the drones, the Tex drones begin to overwhelm them. In order to completely shut down the drones, Epsilon inserts himself into each one and confronts a copied version of Tex herself. During Epsilon's confrontation with Tex, she apparently does not remember who she is. Epsilon explains her past and asks her to rest. After she complies, Epsilon says goodbye to her and leaves, causing all the drones to deactivate and finally bringing Tex to peace.

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