The Tetramand Prisoner is a Tetramand from the planet Khoros, who has a history of being a criminal although not much is known about him.

Original Series

The Tetramand Prisoner first appeared in Grudge Match in a cameo as part of the audience watching the battles of the Megacruiser. He was more properly introduced in the movie, Ben 10: Secrets of the Omnitrix, having somehow ended up in Incarcecon and is no longer working for Slix Vigma. He was first seen when Perk Upchuck reverted back to Ben and was exposed to the Incarcecon prisoners. He was one of the many prisoners closing in on Ben and Gwen trying to take the Omnitrix. Tetrax knocks him over with his hover-board and the Tetramand crushes it with his bare hands, only for Tetrax to pin him to the wall with diamond shards as payback. According to Tetrax, that was his favorite board. The Tetramand Prisoner hasn't been seen since.