The Tetragrammaton Council of Libria is the fascist government from the 2002 movie Equilibrium. Following a catastrophic third World War, Libria emerged as a new society from the ashes. Concluding that human emotion was the root cause of all conflict, the Librian government (led by a group known as the Tetragrammaton Council) outlawed emotional stimulation. This entailed forcing the populace to take a drug that stunted their emotions and also seeking out and destroying all emotionally stimulating material, such as art, music, books, and even furniture and live animals. Law and Order are enforced by police officers known as "the Sweepers" and are identified by their ominous black motorcycle helmets and a group known as the Grammaton Clerics, masters of the Gun-Fu fighting style "Gun-Kata". The Clerics are the elite of Libria's military and police forces and their main goal is to eradicate suspected sense offenders and resistance members. 

The country's government ultimately collapses thanks to the efforts of the movie's protagonist, a rogue cleric named John Preston who after missing one of his daily injections begins feeling emotions again and realizes that the ways of Libria are wrong. The movie ends with the resistance movement that had been formed in response to Libria's brutality destroying the factories manufacturing the drug Prozium and killing the Libria soldiers as at last freedom returns to the populace.