Tesra Lindocruz is the Fracción of Nnoitra Gilga and a villain from Bleach.



Tesra Jung

Tesra in the past

Back in the past, Tesra would watch Nnoitra, the 8th Espada at the time, engage in fights with the 3rd Espada at the time, Nelliel Tu Odelschwank. These fights would always ended in Nelliel's victory and after one such conflict, Tesra offered Nnoitra his hand to help him up, only get the 8th Espada to throw his Zanpakuto at him for his trouble. Nnoitra stated just because he lost, they weren't at the same level and Tesra why he was so obsessed with Nelliel and not any of the other Espada. The 8th Espada said it was because she was a woman capable of outranking a man in battle.

Invasion of Hueco Mundo

After Yasutora "Chad" Sado was defeated by Nnoitra, Tesra appeared and asked him if he was going to finish the human off. The 5th Espada told him no, since killing nobodies held no interest for him and if he just killed thousands of nobodies, no one would admit he was strongest. Nnoitra then sensed a large amount of spiritual energy and he and Tesra went off to confront it, when Chad got to his feet.
Tesla protects Nnoitra

Tesra stopping Chad's attack

He attempted to strike the 5th Espada, but his Fracción blocked the attack and brought the human down. Tesra turned to Nnoitra, asking if they should go, but the 5th Espada angrily reprimanded him for getting involved. The Fracción apologized and said he'd reasoned that an enemy tended to put all their strength into one last attack and if it had hit Nnoitra, he could've been injured. However the 5th Espada replied that there wasn't anything in heaven or on Earth that could harm him and that he was the strongest Espada, telling Tesra not to forget that.
Tesra Orihime

Tesra restraining Orihime

After Ichigo's fight with Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez ended, Nnoitra struck down Grimmjow and fought Ichigo himself, ordering Tesra to restrain Orihime. The Fracción watched the 5th Espada easily dominate Ichigo, until it caused Nel Tu to transform into her true self, Nelliel. She and Nnoitra engaged each other until he was blasted by Nelliel's Cero Doble technique, prompting Tesra to run to his master's side, letting go of Orihime in the process. However the 5th Espada knocked him flying in response and asked who told the Fracción to let go of the girl, then commanded him to get back to doing what he'd been ordered. Tesra restrained Orihime again then kicked aside Ichigo so as to prevent him from getting involved in Nnoitra and Nelliel's fight, saying that was she was a stone in the way of his master's blade, one that his master had to crush. Just as it seemed the former 3rd Espada was about to finish off the 5th, she turned back into Nel and Nnoitra kicked her.

Tesra releasing his Zanpakuto

Ichigo tried to stop him, only to get slammed into the ground and, having become bored with Ichigo, Nnoitra ordered Tesra to finish him off. The Fracción released his Zanpakuto and began to brutally beat Ichigo to death while Nnoitra forced Orihime to watch, smashing him into the ground, crushing his chest, and knocking him around with punches. As Tesra held the Visored up by his head, he attempted to hold up his sword, only for the Arrancar to snap his sword arm with just a finger, making him drop it.
Tesra tortures Ichigo

Tesra torturing an injured Ichigo

He then threw Ichigo away and Nnoitra then ordered Tesra to end it, but as the Fracción was about to deal him the final blow,
Tesra Kenpachi

Tesra being struck down by Kenpachi

Captain Kenpachi Zaraki appeared, blocking his fist. The Arrancar asked him who he was and when the captain didn't answer, Tesra attacked him only to be badly slashed down his body. He regressed back to his unreleased form and as he lay dying, he watched Nnoitra get dealt the final blow, but before his life faded completely, he shed a tear for his master.
Tesra mourns Nnoitra's Death

An injured Tesra morning the death of Nnoitra Gilga


Tesra holds Nnoitra in extremely high regard, practically idolizing him, even if his helping his master only earns him criticism or physical abuse. He does not seemed moved very easily, except if Nnoitra is hurt, and mainly displays calm mercilessness, such as when he didn't say anything or show any emotion when he brutally beat Ichigo.


Tesla; Cero

Tesra's uniquely fired Bala

Tesra possesses considerable spiritual power and has a great deal of strength, blocking Chad's punch with his Brazo Izquierda Del Diablo with his Zanpakuto. He can use Bala, an energy blast created from hardened spiritual energy, but he uniquely fires it from his eye, and Sonído, an Arrancar technique that lets him move extremely fast.
Tesla rel

Tesra in Resurrección form

Tesra can make the ring of his Zanpakuto solid when he wishes and like all Arrancar, he can enter his Resurrección form by releasing his Zanpakuto, Verruga, with the release command, "Crush". This changes Tesra into a large, humanoid, warthog form and grants him an increase in power and a great deal of physical strength.


  • Tesra wears an eyepatch on his right eye, either a symbol of his respect for Nnoitra or because he actually needs it. It is most likely the latter, since in his Resurrección form, he has a scar on his right eye.
  • The name of Tesra's Zanpakuto is "Wart" in Spanish and "Tusked Armored Warrior" in Japanese, a reference to his warthog based Resurrección form.