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The Terwilligers are the members of Sideshow Bob's family. The purpose of him and his family is to kill Bart Simpson and possibly all other Simpsons. In the episode "The Italian Bob", Robert Terwilliger He married a woman named Francesca, he has a child with her, his name is Gino. Initially, she decides to be nice to The Simpsons, but when he is unmasked by a drunken Lisa, the police will find him. Sideshow Bob will want revenge and his new family will be ready to support it because it can get his revenge.

In "Funeral for a Friend", them they will agree with Sideshow Bob to fake his death, their purpose is to attract Bart to the coffin of Sideshow Bob, so he will catch Bart and put it in the coffin for the cremation. Their purpose fails, and the whole family goes to prison thanks to Simpson family.

From here onwards, he will try to kill Bart alone, without his family.


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  • The first episode where appeared a relative of Sideshow Bob is in the episode "Brother from Another Series", where appeard for the first time Cecil, his brother.
  • The Terwilligers also appeared in "The Simpsons: Tapped Out".

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