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Teruhiko Satake
Hound Zodiarts

Hound Zodiarts

Teruhiko Satake
is a first-year student who is the rebellious son of AGHS's Takashi Satake.


Though he is a student who scores good grades, he is unhappy with his life and adopts delinquent hobbies and mannerisms. At some point, he receives a Zodiarts Switch from the Scorpion Zodiarts in order to transform into the Hound Zodiarts and uses his newly gained abilities to be himself and go on a rampage, or "hunting" as he calls it, attacking anyone and anything nearby when he feels like it.

He fights with his powerful claws and the chain that hangs around his neck. The Hound Zodiarts can also fire a barrage of needle-like energy bullets from the dog's face on his chest. Eventually in his Last One state, the Hound Zodiarts gains a thickened hide and none of the usual attacks from the Kamen Rider work on him.

While the Scorpion Zodiarts supports the Hound Zodiarts in fighting Kamen Rider Fourze, Shun Daimonji pilots the Powerdizer to hold the former off so the Kamen Rider can fight the Hound Zodiarts one-on-one and destroy him with the Rider Lightning Drill Kick

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