Terry the T-Rex is one of the main characters of the College Humor series, Dinosaur Office.


Even though he is said to be one of the main protagonists, he has been an antagonist by going on a certain eating spree to please his hunger, whilst other times its to fire his employees. Here is a list of who he has eaten:

  • Todd (pilot episode)
  • an intern (Downsizing)
  • intern's plus-one (Office Party)
  • Carl (Bring Your Child to work Day)
  • Danny the Team Builder (Team Building)
  • Craig (Thanksgiving; in Craig's thoughts)
  • Musician (Valentine's Day)


  • Alrighty then, I'll just grab something around here. (before he eats Todd)
  • Nobody's being eaten today...except for this intern. (when celebrating Craig's Birthday)
  • Oooh, who brought these? (before he eats the intern's plus one)
  • You gonna eat that? (asking Todd about Duncan in his egg form)
  • I love kids. (while he picks some of Carl's flesh out of his teeth with Craig's golf club)