Terry Hawkins
is the mentally unstable antagonist of the horror movie known as Last House On Dead End Street, a frustrated and deeply troubled individual Terry Hawkins soon begins to take out his anger on the world via becoming a serial-killer specializing in snuff films.

Terry Hawkins was released from prison shortly before the events of Last House On Dead End Street due to drug charges, prior to this he was a largely unsuccessful pornography film-maker and thus he decided to "upgrade" his "business" via using snuff films and tricking people into buying his films, which were complimented for their realistic effects (unbeknown to the audiences was the fact these were not effects at all but actual murders).

In the end however Terry's malicious plan is revealed to the police, who arrest him and his crew - returning the troubled criminal back to prison where he would likely stay for the rest of his life given the brutal nature of his crimes.