Terry "Slipperyfinger" Hargan is a bank robber from the Three Stooges short, Sing a Song of Six Pants. He was also portrayed by Harold Brauer.

The Stooges run a tailor shop called "Pip Boys." They receive a letter from the landlord that they are late in paying their rent and owe $500. They heard of Hargan's 18th safe heist in 9 days, and a large reward for his capture. While being chased by an officer, he went into Pip Boys Cleaners, posing as a manikin. The officer went into the tailor shop, looking for Hargan. He was kept busy by the Stooges, thinking he was a customer. They removed Hargan's coat and slacks to see if they look good on him. After the mix up, he returned to his hideout. He asked his sister to pick up his clothes. Before she did, the Stooges found the combination to his next bank job in his pants pocket and his initials "TH" in his coat. Shemp thinks it is Teddy Hoosevelt (a parody of Teddy Roosevelt) and Larry thinks it is Thomas Hedison (a parody of Thomas Edison). Moe looks deeper and find it is the jacket of Terry Hargan. When Hargan's sister returned with his coat and pants, he realized Moe replaced the safe combination with a receipt. He and his men went to Pip Boys in disguise, asking to have their suits clean and pressed. While removing the coat, Shemp discovered the initials and pulled back his disguise. They then started a fight with the Stooges for the combination. He shook Shemp by pinning on the rotating rack. For refusing to talk, he hit Shemp, causing him to spin and come back to hit Hargan in the face. In his anger, he kept doing it until he passes out. Larry and Moe already brought down Hargan's men. The officer arrived to arrest Hargan. The officer said he'll get the reward and only gave the Stooges ticket to the Policeman's Ball. He went out to call for the wagon, while the Stooges were depressed that they're gonna lose their shop. Shemp then accidentally discovered money in Hargan's coat pocket. They hid the money while the officer came back to take Hargan away.


  • Terry Hargan returned in the remake Rip, Sew and Stitch.