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Terry is a travelling swordsman in Dragon Quest VI. Aloof and cold, he spends his days training to become stronger and find the most powerful swords.

The party first encounters Terry in Arkbolt, where they learn the King is offering a powerful sword to whoever can slay the hacksaurus that has been terrorizing the area. Once the party reaches the hacksaurus's lair, they discover that Terry has already arrived. He then proceeds to slay the hacksaurus by himself, leading to him claiming the King's reward.

He crosses paths with the party at Everfrost Grotto, seeking out the legendary Sword of Ramias. Once the party gains access to the sword, he attempts to seize it; when he sees it rusted beyond use, he relinquishes the Sword of Ramias to the heroes.

When the party confronts Dhuran at Cloudsgate Citadel and defeats his Overkilling Machine, Dhuran summons Terry to fight the party, revealing that Terry has made a pact with the Dread Fiend. The party defeats Terry and proceeds to vanquish Dhuran. Once the Dread Fiend is slain, Terry regains consciousness and laments his weakness. Milly recognizes Terry as her brother and convinces him to join the party.

Terry also appears in Dragon Quest Monsters, in a younger and non-villainous role.


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