Terrorist To Live and Die in L.A.

The Terrorist

Death to Israel and America, and all the enemies of Islam!
~ The terrorist when he was confronted by Richard Chance.

The Terrorist is a minor character in the 1985 movie To Live and Die in L.A..

He was portrayed by Michael Zand.

The movie begins with Richard Chance and Jimmy Hart arriving in a hotel. Chance saw a suspicious figure walking through the corridor and realizes that it must be the infiltrator, so he chases him down. Meanwhile, Jimmy, who had received the call from his friend, decides to also help Chance.

Chance saw a dead body when he arrives at the rooftop, then he saw the man going over to the side of the roof, tying himself up and presumably was about to rappel himself into the President's room.

Chance then demands for the terrorist to stop, but the terrorist choose to kill himself right in front of him rather than surrenderring. Chance then puts his gun away and said that they're only going to talk. But the terrorist was still unwilling to surrender, so he chooses to detonate his bomb belt. Just then, Hart came up from behind the man and threw him off the roof, seconds before he exploded.