220px-MMPR Terror Toad

Terror Toad

Terror Toad is a toad monster with an seemingly endless hunger (he was literally always hungry) created by Finster on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He could swallow people using his horn when it turns into an energy Pac Man like shape, large white energy tongue or his extremely long main tongue, and he could bounce off weapons fire with his belly by croaking. He was originally used on the planet Sorcery 7 where he most likely ate everyone on the planet. Terror Toad used the large white energy tongue on Trini and Zack and sucked them into the monster's mouth in the form of spheres. His belly bore pictures of the yellow and black ranger's faces. Terror Toad's power (and his hunger) grew as he ate the rangers. Kimberly and Billy chopped off Terror Toad's horn with their blade blaster blades. Terror Toad managed to swallow Jason and Billy with his tongue, as he chewed the rangers he revealed hidden eyes and a mouth on his neck. Kimberly shot three arrows from her power bow into Terror Toad's neck, making him fall over and release the four swallowed rangers from his mouth in the form of energy spheres. With the Rangers free from the Terror Toad's belly, the Terror Toad was destroyed by Kimberly's Power Bow's arrow.

He was voiced by Michael Sorich.