The Terror Mask is an evil object and a central antagonist in the Splatterhouse series, even though it is the device that powers the series main protagonist (Rick).

Possessed by a vengeful spirit which manipulates Rick in all the Splatterhouse games it mutates him into a killing machine in order to exact revenge on the Corrupted, as a result it often aids Rick but their relationship is far from a true alliance: the Terror Mask sees Rick as a means of getting what it wants and in both Splatterhouse 3 and the 2010 remake the Terror Mask ultimately betrays Rick and even in games where it was an "ally" it was clear the mask was feared even by Rick himself (who was aware of its destructive influence).


  • The Terror Mask is available as DLC in another Namco game, Soulcalibur V as a character creation part, it resembles its appearance in Splatterhouse (2010).
  • In the original games, The Mask resembled a hockey mask. This was changed later on to avoid a potential lawsuit for the resemblance of Jason Voorhees.