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Terri Elementary 4.20

Terri is a villainess from the CBS series, Elementary. She appeared in the Season Four episode "Art Imitating Art".

She was portrayed by Tijuana Hicks.

Terri is the wife of Krysta Pullman, the district attorney who helped convict Lewis Bowman of the murder of a young girl named Marissa. As it was later revealed, however, Terri was actually the one who killed Marissa, and Krysta helped cover up the crime. Marissa and Krysta were having an affair, as Sherlock and Joan figured out, and after finding out about the affair, the evil Terri confronted Marissa and later shot her to death. After killing Marissa, Terri spat at her, and with the help of Krysta and lab technician Zoe Mercado, Bowman was framed for the crime due to Zoe manipulating the evidence to make it appear that the saliva found on the body belonged to Bowman. When police entered Terri's home looking for Krysta, Terri confessed everything; knowing about the affair and killing Marissa.


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