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Bitch, what part of "I'm out" do you not understand? I'm out!
~ Terrell Rojas

Terrell Rojas , also called Rojas, is a small time criminal and a minor villain in the 2013 comedy movie The Heat.

He was portrayed by comedian Spoken Reasons.

Rojas is a local lowlife criminal living on the streets of Boston and making money without trying so hard to not be in trouble and never caught by none other then Boston Police Department's very own foul-mouthed officer, Detective Shannon Mullins, who arrested him more then once of charges of drug possession and prostitution. He was later detained and questioned by straight-laced, show-off FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn during the interview as he has given her the information that he only receives his shipment of drugs not from the psychopathic criminal Julian Vincent but from a Bulgarian woman named Tatiana before the angry Detective Mullins walked in on them with her frustration towards Agent Ashburn for stealing away and interrogating "her" perp.

Ashburn and Mullins, now working together as partners, both showed at the apartment home of a drug distributor who knows the whereabouts of Julian's boss Larkin, and that distributor reveals to be Terrell Rojas. When Rojas refused answering any more questions and claims he is out of the dope game, Ashburn has a better idea of interrogation; they both grabbed his legs and swing him over the patio. The panicky Rojas then finally tells them Larkin is receiving a new shipment at a warehouse on Summers Street before he accidentally fell on his 2003 white Cadillac Escalade van but lived.



  • Though his fullname is revealed and mentioned more then once throughout the movie, he is called Rojas as his last name was shown in the film's end credits.