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When you put on the uniform of the Terran Republic you become more then a soldier. You become a savior for humanity. You become something larger then yourself. You become a piece of the most well oiled machine in this planet's history. You stand against heresy, anarchy, and you never forget the proud tradition you serve. If you wanna save this planet there is no choice, only duty.
~ Terran Republic propaganda
Loyalty Until Death, Strength in Unity.
~ The Terran Republic's motto.

The Terran Republic is one of three playable factions in the Planetside MMORPG First Person Shooter franchise, the others are the New Conglomerate and the Vanu Sovreignty. There is no good or evil in their war over Araxis and the player must decide for themselves who is good and who is evil based on each factions beliefs.


The oldest of the three factions, the Terran Republic is the overall government of Auraxis (a planet humanity colonized in the aftermath of a terrible war on Earth). They have kept peace and order for centuries on Auraxis, but they are very authoritative and militaristic. They are known for restrictions and limitations on rights and research. It was these limits that gave birth to the other 2 factions and the war for Auraxis. They believe no one is above the law and demand loyalty and fealty from everyone.


Those who support the Terran Republic believe they are needed for humanity’s survival on the alien world. The Republic, while very authoritative has maintained peace and order on Auraxis and kept people safe. The TR believe a victory will mean all humans on Auraxis will be united and peace and prosperity will return to Auraxis.


Those who oppose the Terran Republic believe they are a tyrannical government who unjustly oppress people. Indeed the TR is known for harsh treatment of criminals, dissidents and other law-breakers. The other two factions believe that a TR victory will mean the enslavement of all Auraxis.


Your about to get dropped into a war soldier. If the Terran Republic is going to stomp out this rebellion and unify Auraxis, we need all of you working together out there. Stick with your squad, help out the soldier next to you, and show the rebels what a Terran Republic Soldier is made of! Your plugged into our re-birthing matrix, so don't worry about getting taken out. Our nano-resconstruction chambers can bring you back into the fight at any base under TR control. Nano-construction technology will allow you create vehicles at any of our Empire's vehicle terminals. But you'll need to make sure you've got access to the materiel's needed to replicate one. Everything you need... you'll earn through battle. So take as much territory as you can and crush anyone that opposes you. We're just about over the drop zone. Get ready, you're a soldier of the Terran Republic, victory is our tradition. Good Luck
~ TR de-briefer shortly before dropping new TR soldiers into their first battle.

The Military of the Terran Republic is the best trained and drilled military on all of Auraxis. The soldiers are professionals and benefit from numbers and coordination. The TR rely on mostly standard weapons, their guns have the most ammunition but are not the most accurate. In terms of vehicles the TR prefer speed. Their vehicles are the fastest in the game and are designed to take out targets quickly before the enemy can counterattack.