The Terran Empire are a corrupt version of the Federation from the Star Trek series, centred around the alternate-reality known as the Mirror Universe. They have similiarities to extremist dictatorships such as Nazi Germany or Communist Russia, but they are also in some ways similiar to Ancient Rome or Fascist Italy in the fact they will allow other species into their Empire but only if they comply to its rigid rules and imperial will, while those who resist are either destroyed or annexed via force.

While in the primary Mirror Universe the Terran Empire fell in the late 23rd century, several off shoots of the Mirror Universe exist in which the Terran Empire survived in to the 24th century.

Subjugated Species

  • Alpha Centaurans (conquered and enslaved en masse in 2074)
  • Andorian (conquered some time between 2137 and 2155)
  • Denobulans (subjugated some time before 2155)
  • Orions (subjugated some time before 2155)
  • Tellarites (conquered some time after 2074)
  • Vulcans (subjugated some time between 2063 and 2074)
  • Bajorans (conquered in 2255)
  • Tiburonese (conquered in 2130)
  • Halkans (annihilated by the Empire in 2267)
  • Gorlans (homeworld destroyed in 2263, but likely subjugated some time prior to 2155)
  • Betazoids (conquered in 2230)
  • Bolians (conquered in 2246)
  • Organians (subjugated in the mid 2260s)
  • Rigelians
  • Kaylar (conquered and enslaved in 2254)
  • Iotians
  • Ferengi (conquered in 2250)
  • Klingons (homeworld occupied in 2218)
  • Deltans
  • Caitians
  • Acamarians
  • Husnock
  • Talosians (annihilated by the Empire in 2264)
  • Betans (conquered in 2155)
  • Elaysians (annihilated by the Empire in the 2270s)