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The New Teen Titans


Terra Comic Design New Teen Titans

Terra's design in The New Teen Titans

Tara Markov was the illegitimate daughter of the King of Markovia and his mistress, an unnamed American woman. Tara was sent to the United States to avoid scandal, but not before using an experimental machine designed by Markovian scientist Dr. Helga Jace – a device which endowed the young girl with incredible powers over the earth itself.

Tara was full of rage and hate, which may have stemmed from the fact that she was a national embarrassment because she was the product of an extramarital affair. At the age of fifteen, the young malcontent had already garnered a reputation for using her powers to do others’ dirty work if the price was right. On one occasion, she picked up an assignment turned down by Deathstroke the Terminator, in which she was hired to kill a powerful African tribesman. Tara took the assignment. She became friendly with the king and his family, and later murdered him without remorse.

Working With Deathstroke and Infiltrating Teen Titans

Terra’s reputation eventually brought Deathstroke’s attention to her, where he enlisted her as his ally to deal with Teen Titans. At that time Deathstroke has a bad history with Teen Titans where his son Grant aka. Ravager died as result of received imperfect superhuman enhancements from the H.I.V.E. and at that time accepted a contract from them to kill or capture the Teen Titans, a contract where Deathstroke vowed to finished in his honor. So, they conspired to defeat the Titans by staged the battle so Titans would recruit Terra into their ranks.

When Terra learned minor detail of Deathstroke’s background and attachment to his former family, wondered whether it made him soft to her. Deathstroke asked her whether her relationship with Titans made her soft as well, before they goes for training to test her combat capabilities. To his surprise, Deathstroke found Terra’s geokinesis was so immense that she literally become a force of nature, forcing him used his every single capabilities and talents to survive her onslaught. Slade managed to survive, and is no longer questioned whether she lost her edge, and if anything is sharper than ever. Terra expressed her disdain over Titans again before continue her mission.

Argument With Beast Boy

With Terra’s mission goes smoothly, she become more and more closer to Teen Titans that everyone in the team considered her as true Titans and revealed their identities. Afterwards, both Kid Flash (Wally West) and Robin (Dick Grayson) left the team for different reasons, having lost two of their members (Robin being the leader), Donna Troy became the new leader of the team until Dick Grayson decided to come back after figuring out what he would do with his life. Even so, Deathstroke’s old friend become worry that she eventually betrayed them in the end, which Deathstroke reassured that it won’t happened. Although, the only one whom suspicious with her nature is Raven, whom sense the darkness in her heart that so bad she wondered whether the said malice actually from her father Trigon or the others whom as worse as him. Spending times further with Titans allowed her to learned their exceptional capabilities which explained why with all of his talents Deathstroke is yet to be able to defeat them, but is aware that she is far stronger than any of them.

While possibility of Terra choose to side with Titans is something that Deathstroke never wanted to happened, the concern about her is her sociopathy: She nearly blown her cover when Beast Boy tease her for fun several times. His teasing slowly went too far that in the fit of rage, Terra attempted to murder him by using her powers in more aggressive manner until the others interfered. Terra then made up the story to convince her that she was blackmailed to turned against them. Whilst being apologized, only Raven that not convince her lies.

Revealing Her True Colors and Death

Dick Grayson was attacked a few days later by Deathstroke in an attempt to capture him. The strange part of the attack was that Deathstroke didn't attack him as Robin, but as a civilian. After the confrontation, Dick manages to escape Deathstroke by losing him in the city and goes to see if his teammates are okay. After Dick notices that every single one of the New Teen Titans has been captured he meets Adeline Kane and her son Joseph Wilson (Jericho) who tells him that Terra has been working with Deathstroke, and it was because of that that Deathstroke had learned their identities and was able to attack them at their homes. Dick Grayson (Having taken the identity of Nightwing), now with the help of Jericho went to rescue the New Teen Titans from the H.I.V.E and Deathstroke.

Eventually, the captured Titans were held in a stronghold of Deathstroke's contractors, the H.I.V.E. Nightwing, and Deathstroke's son, Joseph Wilson (Jericho), raided the complex to rescue them, but were captured. When presented to Deathstroke and the organization in general, Jericho possessed his father when the latter recognize him as his son and freed the Titans, who then attacked the H.I.V.E. Not knowing of Jericho's powers, Terra believed Deathstroke to have turned against her. In retaliation, she went berserk. When the misunderstanding was cleared, she was still murderously furious at Deathstroke for going "soft" with love for his son. Changeling (as he was then known, a.k.a., "Beast Boy"), in an attempt to stop her rampage, shape-shifted into a small fly, then flew into her eye as a way to distract her. This finally pushed her over the edge as she pulled the whole H.I.V.E. complex down upon herself while trying to kill the Titans. Despite the discovery of her true intentions of joining them, a statue of her was placed in the memorial in Titans Tower. Her true activities were never made public, with her brother simply being told that she had died in battle.

Aftermath and Later Confrontations

Even after being told that Terra was died in battle, Brion aka. Geo Force later meet Batman whom revealed the truth behind her death and true agenda in an issue of Batman and the Outsiders. This prompt Brion to change his Geo Force costume to green and gold, as he considered the original brown and orange too similar to the outfit worn by his sister.

Terra's death seemed not last long, as in Blackest Night: Titans #1 Terra seemingly returns, confusing Beast Boy. Terra claims she had survived her apparent death and gone into hiding. The illusion is shattered when Starfire and Cyborg discover and attack the Black Lantern version of Lilith Clay, whose telepathy had been hiding Terra's true appearance, that of a rotting corpse. The Titans fight Terra, who is backed up by other Black Lantern Titans, includingPantha, WIldbeest, and Aquagirl. When Dove steps in, she destroys most of the Black Lanterns with a white energy blast. Terra is able to escape, along with Hank Hall and Tempest, and goes to torture her brother, Geo-Force, a member of the Outsiders. When Terra gets to the Outsiders headquarters, she meets Geo-Force, and plays innocent. She tells him what she's done as a Black Lantern and that she wants to have her connection severed. The rest of the team goes along with destroying her, but Geo-Force couldn't bear killing his sister. Terra eventually turns on the team, and tries to kill them, until she is stopped by Halo. Halo uses her light powers to turn Terra to stone, before destroyed her Black Lantern Ring.

The New 52

In The New 52 (a reboot of the DC Comics universe), a blonde earth-powered heroine named Terra/Tara is part of Caitlin Fairchild's team The Ravagers. The team also includes Beast Boy, Thunder and Lightning and a new character Ridge.The Ravagers are a group of super-powered teens who have escaped the plans of Harvest in The Culling. The team was formed after the Teen Titans and the Legionnaires stuck in the present day were abducted by Harvest, and then later stopped the villain and escaped. Not surprisingly in the series Terra and Beast Boy develop a strong bond with each other which started in a place named The Colony where super-powered teenagers are deprived of their origins and family and kept as prisoners by a creature named Harvest where they suffer tortures, experiments and fight each other in order to remain only the strongest teens to be used by Harvest as a team to serve his purposes. In this place Terra defends Beast Boy from being attacked by other super-powered prisoners as he returns the favor later when Terra was in danger saving her.

Final Crisis

During the Final Crisis crossover, a group of teen supervillains calling themselves the Terror Titans begin abducting teenaged metahumans to use as competitors in the Dark Side Club, an underground arena where the young heroes are brainwashed and forced to fight to the death for spectators and wealthy patrons. After learning of the abductions, Terra goes on the run, eventually meeting up with fellow teen superheroes Aquagirl, Molecule, Offspring, Zachary Zatara, and the Star-Spangled Kid. While deciding on a course of action, the teens are ambushed by the Terror Titans, who proceed to overpower and capture them, killing Molecule in the process. Atlee and the others are taken to the Dark Side Club and subjected to the Anti-Life Equation, which causes them to become slaves to Darkseid and his cadre of followers. After winning several matches in the tournament, Terra is made a member of the Clock King's Martyr Militia, a team of brainwashed superhumans he plans to use on an attack in Los Angeles. Atlee and the others are ultimately freed from the Anti-Life Equation when Miss Martian, Rose Wilson, and Static lead a rebellion against the Terror Titans and capture the various members of the Dark Side Club.

Animated Series Biography

Teen Titans (2003 Cartoon Series)

Battlesuit Terra 2003

Terra's design as villains in 2003 TV Series Teen Titans

According to her brother Geo-Force, Terra was princess whom, along with him, are members of the house of Markov, and their father was the king of Markovia. Scientists experimented on Terra and Geo-Force, giving them their powers, then attempted to exploit them. General Immortus was seen monitoring the experiment, which suggests that he was involved with the human experiment. Geo-Force fought them off, while Terra, unable to control her powers, ran away from home in fear of hurting her loved ones and travels a lot since then. Slade also pointed out that Terra did try to help others over the course of her journey, but on each occasion, something even worse happened as a result of using her geo-kinetic abilities and her own inexperience with her said powers. These troubles, that caused by her by accident ultimately frustated her, in which the said frustation later released on Robin where she stated that she did not want to be rescued and that she was "not some sad little girl".

Upon meeting Terra, the Titans quickly welcomed her into their ranks. At first, it seemed like the hip, funny, young hero might make a great addition to the team, but Terra had a secret: she was unable to control her incredible powers and abilities over the earth and had accidentally caused natural disasters on several occasions. She felt betrayed when it appeared that Beast Boy shared her secret with the team (even though Robin actually realized it on his own). Feeling betrayed and alone, Terra turned to Slade, who trained her to fully control her abilities.

Terra returned to the Titans and joined the team - but was secretly working with Slade to destroy the Titans from within. Despite her mission, Terra began to doubt her loyalties; Just as romance with Beast Boy blossomed, Terra was exposed as a traitor. Hardened and isolated, friendless and emotionally hurt, Terra turned to the only one who would accept her, Slade, and shortly the two united to launch their plans in full motion. Caught off guard and still holding some affection for their former friend and teammate, the Titans were nearly defeated in the first round, with Terra brutally showing far less mercy and restraint, and in the second, due to reinforcements sent by Slade under her control, Robin was forced to make a retreat back to Titans Tower, knowing this battle could not be won.

Soon, Slade assails three different points of Jump City with Overload, Plasmus and Cinderblock, seeking to lure the Titans out of hiding and eliminate their divided forces using Terra. Raven managed to defeat Overload with the aid of nearby water, but was quickly engaged in further fierce combat by Terra, each clearly seeking to kill the other to the best of their abilities. Despite this, analysis of Raven made during Terra's time on the team had enabled Slade to realize her dark powers and abilities were controlled by emotion, and should the emotions run loose, so too would her focus on her own immense abilities. Terra's taunting of Raven eventually causes her to lash out in sheer fury against her, her sheer anger and rage manifesting in Trigon's form, if but partially, and Terra seized this chance to finish off Raven. A boulder projectile intended for Robin was instead the bane of Starfire, which knocked her out and sent her plummeting into the ocean. A sudden yet deadly fissure through the ground (combined with the element of surprise) was sufficient to overwhelm both Cyborg and Beast Boy, who told Terra she could not kill them, but a smiling Terra merely replied, "Watch me," and four Titans were no more. Terra next tried to face off Robin, who, driven with a desire to avenge his friends, yet also honor Beast Boy's wishes to give her a last chance, brutally assaulted her.

While the battle was fierce and neither could gain the upper hand initially, eventually Robin knocks her to the ground and has his staff at her neck. However, he tells her it does not have to be this way instead of finishing her, which allows her to get up and finish him with a boulder. Terra presents Robin's badge to Slade, who begins to launch his plans to seize the city. However, the Titans had each survived Terra's assault and were bent on taking her down, no longer concerned with second chances.

Despite her victory, Terra still felt lost and alone. As the hardened Terra is reminded of her past experiences with the Titans, she appears to be subtly swayed, but claims she has "no regrets" for the horrible things she has done. The Titans furiously and brutally attack her, each showing no mercy, just as she believed they were truly all gone, and with their combined and united forces Terra is quickly defeated by the fivesome, despite her best efforts to strike back at the team. Terra then attempted to retreat, but Slade angrily demanded her staying to continue to fight, and Terra tried her best to do so, but after many near-calls with death at the hands of the now-merciless Titans, runs back to Slade, who begins to physically abuse her in fury and disgust at her defeat. By the time she decided to leave Slade, from both the buried remnants of her conscience and his cruel treatment of her, it was too late. Never truly losing faith in Terra, Beast Boy stepped in between her and Slade and finally made her realize the error of her ways. Events were eventually set in motion leaving the city in danger from an erupting volcano. In a final act of friendship, she ultimately sacrificed herself to save the city. Now merged with the Earth she controlled and manipulated, the Titans searched for a way to restore her. When Trigon was destroyed at the hands of Raven, everyone in the world that was turned into stone was changed back. It is possible that Trigon's death also managed to free Terra from her stony prison but it is still unclear what could have seemingly erased her mind.

Upon returning from a globe-trotting adventure, Beast Boy was shocked to discover a school girl who looked exactly like Terra. Finding Terra's petrified tomb empty, Beast Boy was convinced that Terra had indeed returned - and he pleaded with her to return to the team. None of the other Titans actually met this girl in person, yet each offers separate opinions and theories concerning her, as well as acknowledging neither Cyborg's chemical analysis or Raven's magical mystical spells were effective in reversing the process. (It was never mentioned, but it is possible that after Trigon took over the Earth and turned everybody except the Titans to stone, when Raven defeated her father and everybody reverted from stone to human flesh that Terra reverted back to normal as well.) But the girl insisted that "things change" and she was not the girl he knew, and respecting her wishes, Beast Boy was able to let go of the past and look toward his own future, with the girl to walk down her own path, her back to a past that would be forever lost to her.

In "Teen Titans Go!", a comic book series based on the animated TV series, she makes a few appearances. For example, she appears in Issue #51, which is set after the series finale of the animated series. Terra's brother, Geo-Force, arrives at Titans Tower and relates Terra's origin: she was the Princess of Markovia, and along with her brother was experimented on by sinister interests within the royal court, which gave them both earth-based superpowers. Feeling exploited, Terra ran away, leading to the events of the animated series. At the end of the story, Geo-Force and Beast Boy consider visiting Terra at her school, but decide to leave her be, as she is the happiest she has ever been.

Teen Titans GO!

I hate Beast Boy! Hate! HATE! HATE! HATE!
~ Terra talking to herself (As Raven and Beast Boy were watching in Teen Titans Go!).
Teen Titans Go! Terra

Terra in Teen Titans Go!.

Terra appeared as the main antagonist in the episodes "Terra-ized", "Be Mine", and "Rock and Water". In "Terra-ized", she appeared as Beast Boy's "girlfriend", but was not even close to being fond with him. Terra only did it just to learn and use all of the Titan's secrets/weaknesses while working for her unknown boss (though fans suspected that her boss' identity was Slade/Deathstroke as he usually being her master/boss). Unlike the original series, where her nature was hidden, Terra does this in a very obvious matter whereas only Beast Boy and Cyborg did not know about it. For her personality, Terra is not nice at all, though her abilities were the same but her proficiency is far better than her 2003 TV series counterpart. In the end, she almost got away with the intel after leaving Beast Boy, but was stopped by Raven, who banished her to another dimension.

In "Be Mine", Terra had been stuck in another dimension for 6 months (which revealed as where the Titans throw away their trash). She vows to get revenge on Teen Titans, especially Beast Boy (as he is not a competent pawn to her). On Valantine's Day, Beast Boy helped her escape by using a rope. Beast Boy was still into her, but Terra wanted revenge against the Teen Titans (especially him). While Beast Boy was in denial, Raven was able to show him survelliance of what Terra was doing and saying. At the dance, Terra attacked everyone and right when she was about to get Beast Boy, he sang her a love song, thinking that she had a good side inside herself. Terra was (briefly) touched, but was sent back to the other dimension by Raven; Beast Boy jumped in with her and later licked chili that fell onto her head.

In "Rocks and Water", Beast Boy, still sad about blowing it with Terra, begins to repeadtly call her. Terra, fed up with him, informs him that she already has a boyfriend: Aqualad. After Aqualad makes fun of Raven for being single, she claims she's dating Beast Boy and they decide to go on a double date. Robin announces that he and Starfire will be attending, making it a triple date. At the dinner date, Raven tries to get them to break up by ordering calamari, which Terra states he loves. However, this backfires and the two try numerous other times to get them apart. They finally manage to do so however they find out. Terra and Aqualad, now having broken up, attack the two however they're both sent into the trash hole by Raven.

In episode "I'm the Sauce", Terra participates in a game of Heads Up-Seven Up led by Robin as he tried to cheer up the clouds and make the rain stop. It is unknown how she came out of the trash hole, but her rivalry with Raven is shown again. She refused to participate at first, but agreed when Robin bribed them with chocolate milk. Her finger was tapped by Cyborg, but Terra assumed it was Raven and raised a boulder to crush her. Raven smugly shook her head and the boulder fell on Terra and exploded. After the game was over and the clouds cheered, Terra celebrated with the other villains and Titans by drinking their chocolate milk.

In Operation Duce Rescue, Terra, alongside Rose Wilson aka. Ravager, and Jinx were recurited by Raven and Starfire in an uneasy alliance to save the boys from The Brain. When Starfire and Raven entered trash hole dimension alongside Ravager and Jinx, Terra ambushed them. Robin and Starfire managed to convince her to join, though Terra initially used the opportunity as ruse to avenge her defeat. Along the way, she sometimes gloated over how she would betray the group but is nearly caught by Raven everytime she did. After fight their way for the boys’ cell, The Brain revealed to have led them into his trap in form of force field that turned out also partly schemed by Terra herself. Dismayed that everything went wrong, they spent their times bickering until Raven recalled why they all here: To save the boys. So, they combined their strength to neutralized the force field, which works due to it only neutralized one power at a time, not multiple powers at the same time. The Brain however, not going to give up without the fight, and revealed to armed himself with a huge battle suit. But nevertheless, they managed to defeat The Brain and goes to save the boys, only for abandoned them in their cells as all of them decided to have fun together due to their annoying Chivalry antics, which started the whole ordeal in the first place.

DC Universe Animated Original Movies Biography

In DC Universe Animated Original Movies, Terra's role in the series is more faithful with comics, but instead of sociopathic villain, she instead portrayed as more tragic and symphatetic anti-heroine as with her 2003 incarnation.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans

Terra JLvsTT

Terra in Justice League vs. Teen Titans

Terra made a brief appearance in the mid-credits of the animated film.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract