Ternion is a fusion of Plasmus, Overload and Cinderblock, created by Slade. Ternion is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker who also provide the voices of all three villains it's made of.


When Slade put his plans of conquering Jump City with the help of his new apprentice, Terra, in motion, he had her break the three monstrous villains Cinderblock, Plasmus and Overload out of jail to split up the Titans and lure them into three separate ambushes.

The plan succeeded in its initial facet, but the Titans survived Terra's attempt on their lives and prepared to take her down. Striking from ambush, they terrified her so much that Slade sent in Cinderblock, Plasmus and Overload to assist her. Using an unknown technology, he fused the three with each other, creating the Ternion. However, Ternion was quickly taken down by a limpet charge placed on its back by Robin and, while incapacitated, the three 'component' villains were separated again, allowing them to go their own ways.

Powers and abilities

Ternion combined to a certain (and as yet undefined extend) the abilities of Plasmus, Overload and Cinderblock in one body. Manifested abilities of this crucible shape included:

  • Superhuman strength and high resillience to physical and energy attacks (Cinderblock)
  • Forming of extra pseudopods (Plasmus)
  • Channeling electricity through those pseudopods (Overload)