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Teresa Vampa is Luigi Vampa's right-hand woman and mistress in Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo. She co-leads Luigi's bandits.

Role in the Story

Teresa first appears at the bandits' hideout commanding the other bandits. She is the bandit that reminds Luigi that the time to kill Albert de Morcerf is drawing near. Luigi then orders her to kill him, using a hot sword to torture the boy. However, she and the other bandits are defeated by the Count's underlings.

Teresa later arrived at the church that Fernand Mondego and the other conspirators visited because of their invitation, most likely to keep an eye on them and make sure that none of them were able to figure out the Count's identity. However, Albert managed to catch a glimpse of her, but didn't think too much of it.

Teresa was later seen again, this time with her husband Luigi. Together with Peppo at the Count's villa, they inform Albert that Peppo was used to monitor Albert's movements.

Shortly afterward, Teresa and Luigi act as Baron Danglars' rocket pilots when he tries running away with what money he has left. Once the Count was ready to make his move, Teresa and Luigi make their leave.

After the Count's mansion crumbles, Teresa and the other bandits are ordered by Luigi to go back to Luna.


Teresa is a tall, slender woman with cross-like earrings and a blue dress. Her skin is tan, her hair is dark brown and her eyes are blue.


Teresa is cruel and sadistic, even going so far as to show psychopathic traits as she tortures Albert. She also gets rather violent when people interfere with what she is doing.



  • Unless Peppo is counted as female, then Teresa is the only bandit working for Luigi and the Count who is a woman.