Teresa Rose

Professor Teresa Rose is the main villainess and final boss from Ibara, also playing a important role in the sequel Pink Sweets.

A genius engineer, at an young age she became Head Engineer for the Empirical Artificial Limb Research Lab of the northern European country of Edelweiss. However, she mysteriously vanished after taking the blame for an accident and resigning her job.

Many years later, Dr. Teresa reappeared, commanding the mechanical forces of the Rose Garden which started to lay waste to Edelweiss. Thinking that Edelweiss had became an ugly place, she decided to simply destroy everything, in order to create a beautiful rose garden in the place. The Edelweiss's forces clash with the Rose Garden in a gruesome battle, but as the situation worsens Edelweiss's Emperor orders his Special Attack Unit, the Negotiators, to attack and destroy the Rose Garden's forces. The two Negotiators, Bond and Dyne, are given special ships which were secretly prepared for the case such a situation arose.

Bond and Dyne fight against the Rose Garden's forces, defeating Teresa's Guardians and eventually taking down Teresa herself, who is captured and imprisoned. She is convicted and sentenced to exile on a secluded island in the Atlantic. However, she is put under the care of her ex-husband Big Burn, who kidnaps her and forces her to create various war machines for him. Teresa's Guardians learn about Big Burn's plans and decide to rescue their "mother", taking their ships to fight against Big Burn's forces. Though they defeat Big Burn and kill him, they are unable to find their mother Teresa.