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Your dad left 'cause you embarrassed him, you fat retard! Shelley's mum puts her tampons in for her!
~ The girls taunt Shelley

This is how you cook a pig!
~ Emma sets fire on Shelly's hair

Teresa, Emma and Jane are significant antagonists from the psychological novel Mice by Gordon Reece.


As children, the three girls used to be very good at school. Teresa had an ambition to become an actress, Emma (also known as Pippi Potter) was very good at Math and Jane visited music school. Since first class they had befriended themselves, as well as with Shelley. Together, they created a club JETS, named after first letters of their names.

However, years passed and the girls started to change. Becoming typical difficult teenagers, they misprised education, their hobbies and all rules, and drew attention to fashion and boyfriends. As Shelley neither changed, nor understood her friends, they slowly grew away from each other. Being a shy girl, Shelley kept curring favor with them, believing she wouldn't be able to find new friends.

The bullying began in third year in high school when the three girls started taunting and insulting Shelley till she began to cry. Confused from her former friends' behavior, Shelley attempted to keep away from them, but it was too late; Teresa, Emma and Jane had already started to enjoy their new hobby.

After some time, it turns into physical violence, firstly when Teresa mistakenly hit Shelley into her face. Since then, Shelley started to write down everything the girls did to her, regardless of whether it was beating, farting into her face, taking a video of her breasts or putting a dead bird into her shoe. Although it stopped during summer holiday, the bullying began again as soon as the new school year came. At this time Shelley, too scared to tell it anyone, even thought of committing suicide.

The worst and last act of bullying actually ended it all up. The girls attacked Shelley at toilets and Emma lighted a lighter near Shelley's hair, setting it into fire. As they fled before the teacher came and helped Shelley, there was no proof who did it.

While Shelley was in the hospital, her mother found a notebook Shelley wrote down all bullying. As soon as she read it, she went to school and the investigation began. However, Teresa, Emma and Jane denied everything and even tried to persuade the others that Shelley had tried to smoke and thus accidentally caused her hair to burn.

As there were no other proofs or witnesses, the three girls were never punished. Shelley ended up with terrible scars on her face and neck, and with fear in her heart. She stopped going to school and studied at home. Although she never met her tormentors again since then, they visibly influenced Shelley's later thoughts and things she did, as all her feelings of injustice later blew up when she murdered a drunk robber.