Teo McDohl was the father of Tir McDohl and a member of the Six Great Generals of Barbarossa Rugner. In the Succession War, Teo led the powerful Armoured Cavalry to many victories in battle without a scratch. Tir was kidnapped as a child by Geil Rugner, who demanded that Teo's troops give up their armor. Gremio rescued the boy and Teo took down Geil. In the Scarlet Moon Empire-Jowston War, Teo met a child named Ted. The general also assisted navy general Sonya Schulen and eventually fell in love. Teo was sent by Barbarossa to watch the Jowston army. Tir volunteered to join Odessa Silverberg's Liberation Army thus turning against the Empire. Teo had no choice but to fight his son after he defeated Milich Oppenheimer. The Armoured Cavalry swiftly took Lake Toran Fortress with ease. As the final push began, the cavaliers were taken out by Fire Spears used by the Liberation army. Teo then fought his son in a duel and was then killed. In his final moments of life, Teo ordered his best guards, Grenseal and Alen to work for the Liberation then thanked his son for besting him.