Tenro Hourai

Tenro Hourai is the main villainess from Ikaruga. The leader of the Hourai Nation, she was also an esper, having found the Stone-Like in a desert cave within her country. The power emanating from the object granted her unimaginable powers, but drove her insane as result. Believing herself to now possessing the Power of the Gods, she and her followers, now calling themselves the "Divine Ones", started a military assault, conquering all nations in the world "in the name of peace". Hourai's own appearance had changed: though still young, she now looked much older, with pure white hair and wrinkles all over her face.

A resistance group called Tenkaku was formed to fight Hourai and free their people, but they were easily wiped out. Miraculously, a single pilot of the Tenkaku named Shinra survived, crash-landing in the remote village of Ikaruga, where the exiled elders retired. The elders there save Shinra's life, but he was determined to defeat Hourai, so they gave to him the Ikaruga ship, which they had built themselves. Shinra is later joined by Kagari, a former Hourai soldier who Shinra defeated but spared her life. The two are launched from the Sword of Alcala, taking on the skies to fight the Divine Ones. After a long fight they destroy various of Hourai's ships, ending facing Hourai hersolf, who had mounted the Stone-Like on her ship to harness it's power. She ends defeated, and on he ship's explosion the Stone-Like emerges and activates. Shinra destroys it by absorbing it's power and launching a suicide attack.