250px-Tenn graneet
Stand by...Stand by...
~ Tenn Graneet

Tenn Graneet is a minor villain in A New Hope, and is the Death Star's superlaser gunner. As such he destroyed Alderaan and everyone on the planet. For many years, fans thought he was just as malevolent as his superiors Darth Vadar and Grand Moff Tarkin. But when the novel Death Star was released, his true nature as a tragic proxy villain was revealed.


As a child, Graneet dreamed of being a gunner, eventually he got his wish as a gunner aboard a republic warship durring the Clone Wars. When the republic became the Galactic Empire, Graneet became a gunner aboard a star destroyer.

When the Death Star was completed, Graneet was transferred to the fireing team as the person who would actually fire the laser by pulling the firing lever. Even though he knew the Death Star could destroy entire planets, he believed the Empire would not fire it on inhabited planets, believing the battle station would only fire on uninhabited asteroids, moons and planets containing hidden rebel bases.

When the Death Star arrived at Alderaan, Graneet was ordered to fire the superlaser. Believing the Death Star was targeting Alderaan's moon, Graneet obeyed, only to be horrified when the Death Star destroyed Alderaan itself, and every living thing on it, and Graneet had killed them all.

The destruction of Alderaan haunted Graneet for the short time left in his life. He had murdered billions of innocents and he regretted desiring to become a gunner. Graneet also feared that if the rebellion ultimately triumphed, they would capture, him, put him on trial and execute him for destroying Alderaan. When the Death Star was in range of Yavin 4, Graneet was ordered to fire. Not wanting to destroy another inhabited planet and everything living on it, Graneet hesitated and desperatly wished for something to save him from the nightmarish duty. All he said to his crew was "Stand by.". His wish was granted, for his hesitation to fire bought enough time for Luke Skywalker to destroy the station, Greneet died a redeemed man aboard the station.