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The Tengu, is an ancient bird demon, that centuries ago a Ninja battled to defeat, to powerful to destroy he imprisoned it under a large Bird Mosaic, from which only a Ninja could release. The Tengu's feathers were placed within the Ninja suit, and thus the two were connected. Randy accidentally released the Tengu, and the spirit possessed Howard, and slowly mutated him into a giant monster. Randy was forced to do battle with him, the Tengu proved to be a two powerful opponent, till Randy realized as they were linked, meant that his wounds were also felt by the Tengu. He managed to harm himself so badly, it forced the Tengu out of Howard. However the Tengu simply repossessed him, and attacked again. To defeat his foe Randy was forced to throw his Ninja mask into the fire, destroying it, and thus also re imprisoning the Tengu.

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