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Tengu (Madworld)
You are no match for me!
~ Tengu

Tengu is one of the Mini-Bosses in Madworld.


Tengu is a Ninja with mini-electrified hooks on each hand.


After Jack rescues one of the geishas, he comes across Tengu, and challenged him to a fight. He fit all kinds of ninja technices, such as teleporting, multipling, and using quick ninja-like reflexes. He also fights with with two mini-hooks, that can generate electricity. after Jack Knock him out, he processed with the finisher. Jack grabs both of Tengu's hooks and stabs them in the back of Tengu's neck, and rips Tengu's head off, killing him.

Despite Jack killing Tengu, he, along with all the other mini-bosses (Except for Death Blade) somehow reappears during the Tower Level.

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