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Tenaya 7 is a fierce general initiated by Venjix to resemble the most horrifying thing imaginable for him, a human. She first infiltrates the team as a potential candidate for the Green Ranger, but is eventually discovered. She has a habit of whistling "The Farmer in the Dell," which just so happens to be the hidden tune in Dillon's locket, when two keys are placed inside. When this is discovered, Dillon informed Tenaya that she was not a robot but a hybrid and his once blind sister. Once she bled and saw footage in databanks confirming this, Tenaya helped the Rangers defeat General Shifter's Hyperbot and in a way, helped initiate the formation of the Ultrazord. In addition to having robotic eyes letting her to see, she has a detachable robot hand that can be replaced by a weapon. Tenaya was kidnapped by Kilobyte and reprogrammed into Tenaya 15, who has no independent thought. She cured by Dr. K's antidote that was injected into her by her brother. She infiltrated Venjix's main computer with a new virus and defeated Venjix. Dillon rescued her from Crunch and in the end, she left with Dillon and Summer to travel the world even though her blindness might return.

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