Thomas Dillon was a schoolmate of Amos Fortune, and one of his strongmen. He initially did not like forming the Royal Flush Gang, because he didn't like the Ten of Clubs uniform. Nonetheless, he twice faced the Justice League as the the Ten of Clubs (on one occasion impersonating the historical personage Judge Duffy) and later fought the Joker as the Ten of Spades alongside the Gang. He was eventually replaced by Michael Bailey, the second Ten, but years later reunited with the original Gang and fought the so-called 'Justice League Detroit'. Dillon apparently died during this encounter, killed by a rock fall engineered by Amos Fortune, who had allied himself with the second incarnation of the Flush Gang as their new Ace.

Television History


Ten was one of five children that were taken from their homes and placed in a government-funded facility where they were trained to use their powers for the purpose of being used as weapons. During their late teens, the Joker freed the children and formed them into the Royal Flush Gang team, using four of its team members as interference to prevent the Justice League from defusing all the bombs he had set up in Las Vegas, while using Ace to manipulate the minds of those watching the Justice League in action on television.

Powers and Abilities


Ten possessed superhuman strength and invulnerability.


This version of the character was voiced by Khary Payton.