Ten-Faced Demon Gorgos is the leader of Geddon and the main antagonist for the first half of Kamen Rider Amazon.

He possesses the GaGa Armlet and wishes to acquire the GiGi Armlet Amazon possesses in order to achieve his goal of ruling the world with Incan science.

After being forced to abandon his base, Gorgos attacks Yurigo University and starts slaughtering people with his acidic foam until Amazon arrives and battles him until he is forced to fall back when one of his faces is killed.

Falling into Hebitonbo's trap, Gorgos loses his other faces before Amazon uses his Big Slice to rip of his right arm, causing Gorgos to explode into pieces as he flies into the air.

Kamen Rider SD

Ten-Faced Demon Gorgos: A member of GranShocker. He was among the meeting with the Great Leader. This wear appears to have wings.


  • It has been stated that human blood is the food for Geddon, however Gorgos is the only one who consumes it.