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Time to show everypony what I can really do.
~ Tempest's most famous line.

Tempest Shadow (real name: Fizzlepop Berrytwist) is the former secondary antagonist of the 2017 animated film My Little Pony: The Movie. She is a unicorn with a broken horn and scar and also the former second-in-command of the Storm King. She helped the Storm King invade the entire land of Equestria in return for having her horn restored and have Twilight Sparkle and other Princess' captured to use their magic to make Storm King more powerful.

She is voiced by Emily Blunt, who also played Freya in The Huntsman: A Winter's Tale.


When she was a filly, Tempest and her friends were playing in woods until they lost their ball in a Ursa minor cave. She went in to retrieve it, but ran into the Ursa minor and it's attack left her hornless and scarred. Her destructive magic cost her friends to leave her. This caused made her hate friendship and specify it as meaningless

At some point, she met up with the Storm King and he told her that if she helped him steal the alicorn magic, he'd use it to restore her horn.


Role in the Film


Tempest Shadow 4

During Canterlot's first Friendship Festival, Tempest leads the Storm King's forces in an invasion of the city, demanding the magic of the four Alicorn princesses and turning Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadance into obsidian statues when they refuse. After Twilight Sparkle and her friends escape, Tempest assumes control of the city, and the Storm King tasks her with securing all four princesses in exchange for restoring her horn.

Chasing Twilight and her friends

Tempest tracks down Twilight to the desert city of Klugetown, where she roughs up some of the townsfolk for information. When Twilight and her friends escape her clutches again, she captures a new ally they've made named Capper. Under Capper's direction, Tempest initially heads toward Black Skull Island. But when she sees Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom in the opposite direction, she realizes Capper was lying. On board the pirate ship of Captain Celaeno, Tempest interrogates the crew about Twilight's whereabouts, unaware that she and the rest of the Mane Six are hiding below deck. After Twilight escapes her yet again, Tempest punishes Capper and Celaeno for their deception by destroying the airship on which they stand.

Capturing Twilight

Tempest Shadow 13
Tempest eventually captures Twilight on the Basalt Beach after her selfish actions in Seaquestria cause her friends to abandon her. On Tempest's sky skiff, she reveals through song how an ursa minor attack left her hornless and scarred as a filly, cost her her friends, and left her with the outlook that friendship is meaningless. Despite Twilight's attempts to reason with a fellow pony, Tempest refuses to listen and turns her over to the Storm King in Canterlot.

Betrayed and redemption

Tempest Shadow 19
After the Storm King uses his Staff of Sacanas to steal the princesses' magic, Tempest reminds him of their deal for him to restore her horn. However, The Storm King reveals that he was simply using Tempest to become powerful and had no intention of fulfilling his end of the bargain. Following a brief confrontation between the two, Tempest nearly gets swept away in the Storm King's tornado, but Twilight saves her, leaving Tempest surprised that Twilight would still show her kindness. Before the Storm King could get ready finish the two female ponies off, Twilight's friends arrive and blasted him away, causing him to lose his staff and create an uncontrollable storm. Tempest watches from the fallen rubble as Twilight manages to achieve the staff before she and the Storm King are swept away. Tempest becomes shocked by this before Twilight arrives safe and unharmed.

Sacrifice and revival

After the Storm King is finally defeated and watching Twilight hugging her friends, Tempest comes to under friendship again and begins to leave in shame of her actons. Before she can, she spots the Storm King, still alive, and Tempest becomes shocked when he tries a last-ditch attempt to turn Twilight to obsidian. Tempest, remembering that Twilight saved her earlier, runs towards him. The gang thought she was after Twilight again, but Tempest jumps in the way of the Storm King's attack, turning her and the King into black stone. While the Storm King shatters to pieces, Twilight uses the Staff of Sacanas to land her safety on the platform. The others were shocked by this, expect Twilight, who knew Tempest had in her and turns Tempest back to normal, and she helps in turning the other princesses back to normal and restoring Canterlot.

Accepting friendship once again

Tempest Shadow 22
Near the end of the film, during Songbird Serenade's performance, Twilight approaches Tempest, who still laments the loss of her horn. Twilight helps Tempest see that her magic is still special and powerful, horn or no horn, and encourages her to stay in Equestria. Having accepted Twilight's friendship, Tempest creates a fireworks display for the Friendship Festival and reveals her real name as Fizzlepop Berrytwist. During the film's closing credits, Tempest is seen dancing and playing with her new friends, including a reformed Grubber, now a much more happier pony.

Season 8

She is only mentioned by Twilight that she is spreading word of the Storm King's defeat.


Tempest Shadow is described as cold, arrogant, ruthless, merciless, and spiteful as a result of losing her horn. She is obsessed with having it restored and doesn't hesitate to punish others to accomplish this. When The Storm King betrayed her and Twilight saved her, she had a change of heart just before she saved Twilight and her friends that turned her into stone. After being restored, she becomes a kinder pony. Even though she's still sad about her horn being broken, she accepts Twilight's friendship and becomes a happier pony.


Oh, I'm so glad you asked. How about we start with your complete and total surrender?
~ Tempest's first lines.

Here's the deal, ladies. I need your magic. Give it up nicely, please, or we make it difficult for everyone!
~ Tempest making the princesses surrender before the attack.

All this power wasted on parties when there are far greater uses.
~ Tempest thinking the magic is being wasted on the Friendship Festival.

That princess is not gonna keep me from getting my horn back!
~ Temoest ordering to capture Twilight.

Silly little ponies.
~ Tempest looking for Twilight and her friends.

You do realize that if you were to shelter fugitives, the Storm King would be quite... explosive.
~ Tempest threading to destroy Captain Celaeno's ship.

Now... I'm gonna count to three. And if you don't tell me where they are, your ship is going down.
~ Tempest getting to destroy the ship.

I'm nothing like you! I'm more than you'll ever be!
~ Tempest refusing that she's just Twilight Sparkle.

I saw the truth. My "friends" abandoned me when times got tough. Looks like I'm not the only one. Face it, princess. Friendship has failed you, too. (Twilight Sparkle: Friendship didn't fail me. I failed friendship)
~ Tempest and Twilight's opinion on friendship.

(Twilight Sparkle: Hold on!) Why are you saving me? (Twilight Sparkle: Because this is what friends do.)
~ Tempest surprise by Twilight's kind-hearted rescue causing her redemption.

That's the one thing that never changes around here. The party.
~ Tempest finally understands friendship.


Tempest Shadow recieved positive reception from critics and the Brony fandom. However, some people considered her ’unoriginal’ due to predecessors like Princess Luna, Starlight Glimmer, and Sunset Shimmer as the "misguided villainous mare" (who are often critcized because of how common misguided antagonists are in the series). Like King Sombra, some also mocked the character as another "edgy oc with a tragic past", a common type of fan original character, colored with shades of red.

Despite this, Tempest Shadow was praised by many for her villainous moments, her design, her redemption, her song, and Emily Blunt's performance. She became a fan-favorite to the fandom, and the most popular character in the film.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Season 8



Friendship is Magic

Nightmare Knights


  • Despite being the secondary antagonist, Tempest had more screentime than the film's main antagonist, the Storm King. In addition, she drove the plot, served as the direct threat, and was shown to be the heavy. However, she was also shown to be less evil and not beyond redemption.

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