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Temperance (codename: 0483) is a very huge brutish toad-like monster and a boss in the videogame The House of the Dead 4.


Temperance is Very Huge mutated toadman with Tattoos in his body fingerless gloves strech pants

gelitanous belly.


The hugely obese and ironically named Temperance, aka Temperantia (Type 0483 / Tarot No.XIV) is a giant mutation met by Kate and James as they enter the streets of Venice. The Toadman has Possibly around 9 metres (30 feet) tall and resembling a mob lord clad in nothing but strech pants and a single fingerless glove, Temperance charges at Kate and James. His body is comprised mostly of gelatinous fat, making him all but impervious to the agents' attacks. In addition, he has a habit of curling up into a ball and rolling at the target. His weakspot is his head, although shots to the head will only cause him to recoil rather than suffer any actual damage.

As Kate and James exit the subway into the zombie-infested streets of Venice above, they attempt to gain higher ground to assess the situation. As they search for a good vantage point, Temperance arrives and tries to stomp on the agents. Realizing that this did no good, Type 0483 turns around and begins chasing them. A fight ensues as the agents try in vain to subdue the gelatinous giant. Kate and James, seeing that they can not harm him through conventional means, lure him up to a clock tower. Using a mechanism at the top, they launch Temperance from the tower and drop a massive iron clock on him, crushing his skull and killing him.

Interestingly, Temperance bears several markings in the form of tattoos that cover the majority of its body. These markings are also (partially) seen on the decaying bodies of some zombies seen in earlier parts of the game. Those same zombies also resemble mob members and street punks, which hints at a connection between Temperance and the zombies. Temperance was likely dispatched to cause havoc within the city along with the initial zombie mobs.