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Telamon is a character in the 2008 post-apocalyptic film "Doomsday". He is portrayed by actor Henie Bosman.

Telamon is tall brutish man who is one of the survivors of the "Reaper Virus" that infected Scotland in the year 2008. In the year 2035, Telamon was with one of the group of survivors, led by Dr. Marcus Kane at the Blackness Castle in Scotland, he is Kane's executioner and kills people who are put into an arena with a fight to the death.
Telamon 2

Telamon, holding on to Eden while talking to Marcus Kane.

Telamon was first seen riding on a horse and runs into Eden Sinclair, leader of a team sent to Scotland to find a cure for the Reaper Virus that has not infecting some people in London. Telamon captures Eden Sinclair, and the other surviving team members. Sgt. Norton, and Ben Stirling, along with Kane's daughter, Cally. They are taken to Kane. Kane puts Dr. Stirling and Sgt. Norton in a cell. Kane has Eden Sinclair fight Telamon in the arena while Kane watched, along with his followers.

Telamon and Sinclair fight to the death and Telamon is killed by Sinclair.

Telamon is killed in battle by Eden Sinclair.

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