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Tela Vasir

Tela Vasir was a renegade Spectre who threw her lot in with the Shadow Broker in exchange for "valuable intel". Though claiming to be acting in service of the greater good and the protection of the Citadel, Tela Vasir was in actuality little more than a sadistic thug, who served as one of the Shadow Broker's top agents and hitmen.


Tela Vasir first appears as an Asari Spectre investigating the disappearance and attempted assassination of Liara T'Soni. Working alongside fellow Spectre and Liara's old friend, Commander Shepard, Tela Vasir seems like a pleasent enough individual, also following Shepard's lead on Liara's location and expressing apparent shock at the bombing of a public building by Shadow Broker goons.

However it is revealed that Tela Vasir herself was behind the bombing and that in fact she has been attempting to kill Liara all along. Revealing her true colors, as well as contempt for Liara's being an Asari Pureblood, Tela Vasir flees, but is pursued by Shepard and Liara.

Eventually, Vasir crashes her sky-car, and retreats into a public building. Though injured, Vasir still has plenty of fight left in her, taking an innocent woman hostage and threatening to kill her if Shepard and Liara do not stand down. Shepard however, is able to distract Vasir long enough for Liara to incapacitate her and save the hostage. Tela Vasir then engages Shepard and Liara in a shoot-out but is ultimately defeated. Mortally wounded, Tela Vasir insists that her actions were necessary and refuses to be judged, least of all by Shepard, who she views as being no better due to working for Cerberus


  • The boss fight with Tela Vasir is widely considered to be the stand-out one in the game, especially given that the fight with the "final" boss was largely considered anti-climactic and overly easy.
  • Despite being a Vanguard, Tela Vasir uses an assault rifle, which is unavailable to the Vanguard class in Mass Effect 2.
  • The Assault Rifle in question is a Vindicator.
  • Tela Vasir is correct concerning herself and Shepard if the player is a Renegade. Renegade Shepard's loyalty to the Illusive Man is little different from Tela Vasir's own loyalty to the Shadow Broker. Both are also terrorists, xenophobes, hypocrites, and sadists. 

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