Henry Phage aka Teknophage

The Teknophage, known on Kalighoul as Mr. Henry Phage, is the main antagonist of the Mr. Hero comic book series. Though he is portrayed as dinosaur, he is actually a bipedial 65 million year old serpent or snake demon since his powers are beyond powerful and demonic. He was created by Neil Gaiman for Tekno Comix and featured in Neil Gaiman's Teknophage and Neil Gaiman's Phage: Shadow Death and as a villain in Neil Gaiman's Mr Hero the Newmatic Man.

Neil Gaiman's Teknophage was written by Rick Veitch and drawn by Bryan Talbot for #1-6. Paul Jenkins took over from #7 with artist Al Davison until the series cancellation. The character then appeared in a six-issue limited series written by Bryan Talbot and penciled by Steve Pugh.


Henry Phage, sometimes called the Teknophage or Mr. Phage by those that worked for him is the ruler of many worlds, including his home world, Kalighoul. He has survived for 65 million years, feeding himself and practically making himself like a god. However, he is not immune to objects that are Off-World matter, as we have seen in the Teknophage and Phage: Shadow Death comics. He has created his own technology through use of alchemy and has made his world similar to a Victorian era steampunk world. He lives in a gigantic moving building, the Phage building. He has made allies and enemies from almost every planet and has his sights set on Kalighoul's sister world, Earth.