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Teenage Dragons
From the desk of Princess Celestia. Dear Spike, please te- Ha! Get this, guys! Spike's pen-pals with a namby-pamby pony princess!
~ Garble after reading Celestia's letter.

The Teenager Dragons are the antagonists that appear in an episode of the animated TV series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, "Dragon Quest". In the episode, they meet Spike, who is almost immediately berated by them, who make fun of his small size and lack of wings. They also accuse him of being "part pony", or a "pony in a dragon costume".

Spike is challenged to a series of games. The first challenge was a burping contest, which Spike performs poorly in due to only being able to come up with a small burst of magical fire, from which a scroll from Princess Celestia appears. This amuses the dragons, who mock him for having some 'namby pamby pony princess' for a penpal. The scroll is tossed into a lava pool by the maroon leader named Garble, much to Twilight's chagrin. The next challenge was a tail-wresting competition. Spike first wrestles with the three ponies dressed up as a dragon, and he even struggles at this even when the three ponies are not putting up any fight. The costumed ponies collapse on purpose though, to make it look as if Spike won. However Spike is then put up against a dragon with a tail even bigger than his body, who catapults him into the side of a cliff. The third challenge is a game of king-of-the-hill, played atop a hoard of gems. But just as another dragon looks to be about to go after Spike, the costumed ponies jump in to his aid, and he proceed to knock the lead dragon off the hoard. But his victory is short-lived as he slips and falls to the bottom.

The final challenge is lava-cannonballing, which involves diving off a cliff into a pool of lava. Naturally, the ponies back out. But Spike, tired of being mocked and called out, makes the jump, and proceeds to belly-flop straight into the lava.

However Garble, astounded by the ability of Spike to withstand the fall and the landing, announces that Spike will be crowned as a dragon, and after being given a noogie (the initiation ceremony), is initiated as a dragon. The dragons then hold a party, after which Spike mentions that he doesn't want to leave the group.

The group of dragons then decide to go on a phoenix egg raid. Spike reluctantly agrees to go, and after saying that he'll just wait behind as he can't fly, is picked up by another dragon and flown to the nest. The dragons observe the two adult phoenixes, and Spike is used as a bait to lure the two adults away. Spike pelts the nest with a rock, which prompts the phoenixes to burst into flames and fly after him, leaving their eggs unguarded. When the other dragons move in to steal the eggs, they find that they have hatched into baby phoenixes. The baby phoenixes fly around and disorientate the dragons, and then call for help from their parents. The parents fly back to help their babies, and successfully evade the pursuing dragons using magic.

By the time they return to Spike, they find he has found an unhatched phoenix egg. They egg on Spike to smash the egg on the ground, but he refuses to do so. At this point, Twilight, Rarity and Rainbow Dash show up, and toss aside their dragon costume. They assert themselves towards the dragons, only to make them laugh. The quartet then decide to simply run away, but Twilight teleports them to safety, and the dragons collide into a tree. The ponies and Spike reappear just outside the fringe of the forest, out of harm's way.

Garble and the Teenage Dragons are not seen again.



Garble is the apparent leader of the teenage dragons Spike encounters and the main antagonist of the episode. 

Fume, Clump, Fizzle, Baff and Vex

Garble's henchmen are Spear, Clump, Fizzle, Baff and Vex and they are the secondary antagonists of the episode.



  • They are very similar to the Dragon Gang, from the G1 My Little Pony.
  • Voice actress Ashleigh Ball (Rainbow Dash and Applejack) contributed to some of the dragons' laughing, but no individual dragon specifically.
  • Garble bears a large resemblance to Lord Maliss' dragon form.

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