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is a huge, demonic black bat and the main villain throughout the Circle Series books by Ted Dekker. In the series, Teeleh is a representation of Satan, and as such, is the very epitome of pure evil. He is a huge bat, as tall as a human, and can change his appearance. He can appear as a beautiful creature, with sleek golden fur and green eyes, but his true form is a repulsive monster with vermin-ridden black fur and pupil-less glowing red eyes.

Teeleh is the ruler of the Shataiki, a species of demon bats that are about as large as dogs. He and his followers were imprisoned in the Black Forest by Elyon, the supreme creator. If anyone was to drink the water of the Black Forest, the Shataiki would be released to kill and destroy the flawless world around them. That as it is, Teeleh sought every opportunity to tempt humans into drinking his water, and finally succeeded in enticing a man named Tanis to drink from it. Teeleh and his Shataiki were released into the world, and from that point on, have been infesting humans with their disease.

The Shataiki are asexual creatures who breed by injecting their blood into victims with their fangs. When the Shataiki larvae were integrated into a human's bloodstream, they caused a horrible scabbing disease to come upon the person.

After many years, Teeleh was worshiped as a god by the many tribes of scabbing humans wandering the desert. He revealed in this worship, although he viewed humans as filthy, inferior creatures. Few human have actually seen him, but those that do are usually cult priests or heartless warlords, who chose to serve him and whom he treats as though he loves them.